Spice up your event with Visuals, Life-Videos and PartyPics
VJ-D your VisualJockey / VJ for Nuremberg area and Brussels


Hot beats, pumping bass’, fogs, flashes and a high vibrating atmosphere. You know this, you like this and you need this.
With Visuals you add extra spice to the music, the beat, the rhythm, the feeling and the party.
On large screens or on the wall you can see what you feel: the rhythm.
Pictures, colours, symbols, movements are there: alive, such as the people in the club. Even bystanders and dedicated non-dancers have something to watch, to enjoy and to talk about. Just everyone will become part of the hot spot.

My shows are made of abstract figures, symbols, pictures and short movie sequences, seasoned with pictures and live videos taken during the event.
It's a diversified and entertaining sequence.
All is done live, on the spot, according to the music, the DJ and the crowd.

Visuals add extra spices to your parties!



Dieter Soergel
Oberer Markt 14
D 91217 Hersbruck

Upcoming Events

02.03. BeckStage - Freystadt

09.03. Fastenbrecher - Hersbruck

14.09. Sexy Funyk 4ties - Fürth


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Stand: 12. 01. 2013